Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Pig Roast this Sat

Ohhhhh...and - this Sat is pig roast/chicken barbeque at the Restaurant in Stillwater - and great home show in Old Forge - we were at the flower planting party tonight for CAP 21 in town (helped to plant all the flower baskets that you see throughout the Rte28 corridor) and some of the show goodies were already rolling in - should be a good show - some nice hot tubs already were there and some neat grills and stoves - just to give you a sneak peak! :) And enjoy the flowers in town!  We brought back about a dozen for Stillwater - it's taken us a few years but we've figured out how to get them home without flipping them out of the baskets on the dirt roads.  The first year we unplanted them all on the way home and got to scrape the dirt out of the bed of the truck and replant in a swarm of black flies - lots of fun. 
By the way the bugs are at a low this week! I think the dry spring helped curtail the bug production.
See you soon!

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