Sunday, September 5, 2010

Red Horse Trail

Well, summer is almost passed us and fall is evidenced everywhere one turns - I had a couple of things on my to do list for this year before the snow flies and finally got to one this week.  Our Stillwater chicks snow shoe group hiked the Red Horse Trail.  The first time for a couple of us ladies - 11 miles round trip.  We had a great time and I will admit was a bit of a physical challenge for me as I've done nothing but work for the past two months but I made it.  Boated up to Trout pond and hiked from there - first stop is Salmon Lake about a mile and then from there it's up to Witchopple which is the original home of the historic Rapshaw Club here at Stillwater.  That leg of the hike is about 2.5 miles.  Once there we sat and watched the loons and were delighted to see they have a chick up there.  The trail varies with lots of little stream crossings - balancing on downed trees, and one pretty awesome beaver dam - which the group decided would be safer to cross than the old bridge which was partially under water.  From there it's about another 2 miles up to clear where we took our lunch brake.  The 11 mile round trip took us about 7 hours including breaks.  It was a full day and we did see a couple of other groups on the trail.  Well worth the effort - and now I can cross it off the list for this year - next year should be able to take the kids - the Adk club is currently working on the trail so unless mother nature decides otherwise the trail should be in great shape for the next year or so until nature reclaims portions of her again.  For those who back pack and camp there are several fairly established spots to camp at the different lakes - the last photo you will see here is what happens when campers don't put their fires out properly.  Thankfully this one extinguished itself before it got out of hand but left a huge hole where it had burned out.  This was at Clear Lake.  The area was about 12 x 8 and fairly deep - fires can burn underground - not a good thing. 
We will head back up this trail this winter - will have to have the men drop us off via snowmobile - not sure if we'd be able to do the whole trail do to the shorter days but should be able to at least make it up to Witchopple :) For those of you who don't have the desire to go the whole way the hike up to Salmon is pretty easy and worthwhile also - was kind of wishing we had one of those light weight canoes to carry up there and explore the lake - maybe I'll have to talk to Santa.  See you soon!

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  1. It seems this was a much needed adventure for you, and welcome time off from non stop inn keeper duties.The hike sounds amazing, I would love to be able to try a hike of that caliber soon, truly inspiring.