Sunday, October 24, 2010

First Snow of Season!

Well Friday AM brought us a light dusting but Saturday we awoke to about two inches of the white stuff and we were all happy to see it except Frank of course who still has many outside chores he would like to accomplish before snowmobile season begins.  Hunters are out and about which is good and I know they were happy to see the snow as it makes for good tracking.  Folks are still camping and enjoying the peace and solitude of the season.  Actually rented a canoe yesterday at the shop!  Don't forget to watch the Ebay store for great deals as I'm starting our clearance auctions - first round ended yesterday will start some more today.

Still lots to do in the Adks so come up and enjoy some R&R before the holiday rush - the quilt show at the Arts Center runs through November 11
The Holiday Bazaar at the Arts Center is November 14 and Adirondack Christmas on main street is Nov 26-28  Nov 26th is also the annual Wine Tasting Reception and Festival of Wreaths Auction at the Art Center.

PreSeason trail passes are on sale now so Don't miss out!  Contact the Old Forge Tourist Center go to for links.  Also don't forget to register your sled early!  Out of state folks can contact me on Mondays and Fridays at the DMV 315-369-3301 for details and you can do it through the mail.

Snowmobile trails will open 12/6 and Don't miss seeing our booth at snodeo the 10th thru 12th of December! 

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