Saturday, April 7, 2012


Well it's been a crazy year for us for many reasons-if you've been here then you know why!
Seems spring is here early although it's still pretty cold at night and snowing lightly every couple of days. We are open for guests - and will have boats available soon. Hiking weather as been great, no bugs yet!
Check out our spring packages on our specials link - loons are back - can her them now early mornings. See you soon!

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  1. Has your 2012 been crazy bad or crazy good? I hope its crazy for the best. I just came across your website and really enjoy that your inn is secluded so much that a GPS isn't reliable. A location like that is surely a good place to relax and surround yourself with nature. Real nice.
    My name is Marc, and aside from my love of travel, I also work for Bescover — where we love all things B&B! It’s truly a privilege being a part of your online community.