Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Snow globe day

There is always the first day of every winter that makes me think we are living in a snow globe - well today was it.  It snows all day yet there's hardly any more at the end than at the beginning.  When the kids were little I rarely got out in it - now I can't wait to be outside -at  night feeding the horses with the outside lights cast from the barns - watching the sun glisten in the am as if our property is encased in diamonds....chickens perch in the door of their coop unsure if they should brave it outside...cats fluffed up with winter coats...looking at all the little footprints in the snow and wondering who visited last night......  We love winter! 

I'm always reminded of the Emily Dickinson line
There are winter mornings when the cold without only adds to the warm within, and the more it snows and the harder it blows, brighter the fires blaze.Emily Dickinson

What I've come to learn however is that you don't have to be inside to enjoy the warmth that a great winter day can give. 

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