Saturday, March 30, 2013

Welcome Spring

Winter this season has been a traditional long snowy cold Adirondack experience.  We welcome spring with grateful hearts and thanksgiving to everyone who came to visit us at the B&B and the store.  We're also thankful for the many people who live here who collectively make everything here work!  My husband for fixing things and figuring out all the things I just don't know about.  Our road crew for getting out there and clearing the roads ALWAYS - and leave just enough snow behind for the snowmobiles!  The trail groomsers who are out evenings nights and early mornings....Our bus drivers for making sure our kids can get not only to  school but all over the place for ski races and everything else.  Our teachers for always showing up to work even when they are driving to Old Forge from other towns.  The many parents who volunteer at all of our great races and events in the area so things can happen for our kids. 

Snow you see doesn't stop the North Country.  We have not had one snow day yet have had a ton of snow.  Somehow everyone here figures it out and I for one am thankful because it is truly our collective community in the area that makes it work for everyone.  When I listen to the news about the paralizing snow storms I wonder when did people decide that it wasn't going to ever snow again?  Of course we will get snow - maybe not every year but if you live in the north east it's going to come.  Did we forget what it was like when we were kids growing up?  I know a lot of us forgot how much fun it can be....thankfully enough of us remember that people of all ages travel up to the North Country just to play in the snow!  The key to it all is you have to always be ready. 

So this winter we've enjoyed lots of time outside - enjoyed shivering with fellow parents at McCauley and other ski areas cheering on the kids - breaking out the snowshoes for hikes and AM runs - skis accross the ice on beautiful sunny days - snowmobile rides as a family - picnics on the ice - great dinners with friends and family - horses are good - dog is good - cats still in my barn - it has been a good season.

I've started a yoga study which will be a journey for the next few months and hopefully finish up with a fun yoga retreat this coming fall.  More on that to come in future posts - but for today I'll leave you with some of my favorite things from my new little odd hobby which has become collecting quotes.  This all started with a dear friend in need of support and sometimes at a loss for words I'd look for the right message - sometimes photos combined with that message can really just change your outlook for the day - the result of this searching is that I've found myself benefiting just as much - life is truly all about attitude and remembering you get what you give. :)

 credit provided when available - others author is unknown - hope they make you smile! 

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  1. Yeah Jackie! The winter is a wonderful time to explore other interests and to rejuvenate for the coming busy summer. You also are able to fill the cold weather with stimulating activities that keep your mood high. Spring will get here; it always does. Until then we Adkers are fortunate to live where winter is real and extreme! Happy Spring!