Saturday, May 8, 2010

At last....

April had something missing this year - and that was rain.  This week we are making up for some of it - steady rains two nights ago, and again last night and today.  The reservoir still has a little ways to go to get up to high water - you can watch the water levels on the Hudson River Black River Regulating District website - they give 7 day forecasts for the water level and have a graph - of course the closer we get to high water the slower the graph moves up as the surface increases incrementally  - you can visit
to keep watch the increase - we've seen it move up pretty quickly this week however is a steady climb.

  Sounds like snow for Mother's day here - hope you all have a great one!  I was hoping to get the planting started but seems like another weeks wait will be in order...maybe we'll take a day off - probably not.

See you soon!

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