Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lunch with the loons and Today is officially Swinter!

Last weekend we took the hike around Cascade Lake and enjoyed the warm weather and no bugs.  Practiced walking on an Adirondack balance beam to cross the wet areas and then lunched by the lake at a campsite.  Saw some of the first trout lillies, trilliums and little yellow violets of the season.  Also enjoyed the views through the woods at what I like to call living art - now before the leaves you can see all the greatgiant erratics and trees with burls and awesome roots.  Then to make the day a pair of loons swam up to our picnic to provide entertainment!  A must do!

Then this AM we awoke to what our daughter declared is a "SWINTER" day her version of spring and winter combined so today it is swinter in the Adirondacks.  We've been waiting for a spring snow and it finally arrived today - I didn't really think spring could come and go without a good snow storm although it seems north and east of us took the brunt of the storm with some areas of the park getting well over a foot - I would guesstimate we had around 6 inches when I left this AM.  So enjoy the swinter weather now because it will not last long - we do need the moisture as the reservoir is not yet full although well on its' way and certainly ready for boats and campers to come back.  See you soon!

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