Sunday, March 21, 2010

A few things I really liked this winter

So I'm not exactly an avid you tube follower but there are a couple of clips that were sent to me this winter which I really enjoyed and would like to share with you - mainly because all three of these items brought tears to my eyes for different reasons - the first being God and Dog - a song by WJ Francisco

Next there is the Pink Glove Dance -

And then I have a new favorite song by a great lady who visits this area often - Pamme Swan - I had bought one of her CDs some time ago and it now stays in my CD player in my car - it is called a Good Horse and I listen to if often - usually my last song to play as I'm almost home - but it is where I am at this time of life if you listen to the words closely- I was going to just link to her website but then I found she has the song on You Tube!

So maybe I am becoming a you tube fan of sorts - none of these are new to everyone but worth a listen if you haven't yet heard them - the God and Dog song I find myself going back to now and then for a reminder!


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