Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring is here – well Maybe!

Almost spring…… what am I looking forward too?

So this is the weekend to change the clocks – finally we can spring ahead! I cannot wait – I am so tired of waking up at 3:30 AM feeling ready to get out of bed – now it will be 4:30 and since I'm up at 5 I will no longer have to lay awake tossing and turning trying to get back to sleep! It has been quite warm here the past couple of weeks allowing for lots of outdoor fun which for us consists of snow shoeing, snowmobiling, time with horses, and cross country skiing and sledding the backyard luge run for the kids. Yes the sleigh riding hill is now the luge in honor of one of my Adk Sisters Luge and the Olympics of course.

While it will be spring for most up here we know that there will be one or two more good snow storms on the horizon there always is. This winter has been a great winter – lots of snow and lots of fun. The kids had a great time at McCauley Mt in Old Forge – they love to ski – they are both getting into cross country now and hopefully biathlon next season. Our school ski teams did great we have kids heading off to Nationals and the Junior Olympics. Life here is very different from how I grew up in North Jersey. In Jersey we had lots of snow days – here of course very few – usually only for ice or when it just snows so hard so fast it they just take a little longer to clear it. If you haven't read the Jeff Foxworthy joke about being from upstate New York you really need to it absolutely rings true – especially the parts about snow. We had several groups come to stay at the B&B to snow shoe and ski which was great – this area is just awesome for snowshoeing but folks just don't seem to know about it.

So I'm actually having mixed feelings at the moment – I haven't quite had my fill of snow – still lots of places I was hoping to get to with my Adk Sisters snowshoeing – I'll try in the next post to describe our trips this winter which have been fantastic – but I'm also looking forward to getting out on the horses again – it's hard to ride here in the winter – snow gets too deep in the woods and roads get icy and of course on the weekends lots of snowmobile traffic – so like the Adirondacks are stuck between winter and spring – I too am stuck in the change of seasons which here takes a while to convert to spring – it doesn't happen according to the calendar – it happens when it happens – so I guess I will hope for so more fun in the snow because while it's spring today I know it won't stay – at least not yet.

Some events of interest – snow cross this weekend in Old Forge – then the next couple of weekends are maple weekends – yes MAPLE as in syrup of course!

If you've never been to a real sugar shack you really should take the kids – we lived here for many years before we actually ventured out and now we try to go every year – gives you a whole new appreciation for what you are pouring on your pancakes in the AM – an unbelievable amount of work goes into that stuff – it is what we would call in our house a labor of love! Some of the places have sleigh rides – and yes they still do it with horses not tractors – for the most part – lots of snacks – of course all laced with maple sugar/syrup so forgo the sugar for a few days and don't OD!

Have a great day and have fun!

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