Saturday, March 13, 2010

St Pats day parade

So, yesterday, we attended for the first time, the St Patrick's Day Parade in Old Forge, the weather held out and every had a GREAT time!

Yes apparently one can kayak and waterski down main street on the day that everyone is Irish. The "Brides" of March, the Irish Elvis, and the synchorinized snow plow performance were just a few of the awesome appearances in the Parade. We had fire trucks, ambulances, all of the tractor trailers from the sled manufacturers, singing, dancing, jugglers, it goes on and on - next year do not MISS!
If you haven't seen this weeks Adk Express newspaper make sure you visit pg 8 ( and check out the shots of the card board sled race from last month which is part of the Winter Carneval at McCauley - another great afternoon that you shouldn't miss - I sometimes wonder why we put our kids on cardboard and push them down a ski slope but I must admit it is a lot of fun and when you see the photos you'll see how some of us entertain ourselves when we get a little cooped up in the winter time - we had darth vader, trucks, pirate ships, etc!
Enjoy the weekend! PS don't forget to feed the fish - click on the box and you'll see...........

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