Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring is here

We've just returned from our "spring break" nothing like the college kids do I can assure you.  I am always so happy to come home to Stillwater - we drove to Florida and back over 3000 miles and while I will admit upstate NY appears to be depressed economically - no one else has what we have here.

This morning I just couldn't resist raking out the flower beds - at least starting - they are still kind of wet.  It is always so rewarding to see the plants coming up like old friends back to see us again.  How they make it through the winter here I'll never know - oh there's always a blank spot or to where something is missing but that is just like life in general - we'll go out to our favorite perenial farm and buy some more - up on Tug Hill - I've had the best luck with plants bought there - seems if they can survive Turin they can survive Stillwater. 

I missed my snow crocuses they came and went while we were away - just some shriveled flowers left - daffodils will bloom soon - now that the wet leaves are off them they should have an easier time of it. 

So we'll be open now most weekends and looking forward to May - getting back on a regular schedule!  If you've been missing the webcam it is back online - seems some power hits knocked it off line while we were away.  Talk to you soon!

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