Thursday, April 15, 2010

Stillwater Fire Tower

So today I believe is a vote at the APA regarding a couple of fire towers elsewhere in the Park as to weather or not they can remain and eventually be restored.  I am hoping that they will - part of the preservation of the wilderness found here should be the human history involved - the towers certainly are part of this.

What I'm not sure about is how many people are aware that there is a group which was formed last fall to begin a restoration project for our fire tower.  Trail clearing was begun before winter set in - part of the trail will likely be rerouted eventually.  The Stillwater Fire Tower was one of our snow shoe destinations this past winter - it was a great day and even though we couldn't climb the tower it was an excellant destination.  On a clear day you can see across the Black River Valley from up there.  If you are interested in the project visit:

You will find contact information and photos of the fall work detail.  I encourage folks to take the hike - of course you are heading up on the way there but the reward for the climb is it's all down hill on the way home.  Great little spot to head for a picnic! 

Oh - and if you haven't visited the community photo page yet folks are starting to contribute - a lot of really great shots!!!!!   I still need to get my winter photos all posted!

UPDATE  - APA Voted to keep towers!  Yeah! 

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